French SIG #France Dr Nathan ROOS - Passports - France - December 1939 #france

Joan Adler <jadfam21@...>

Dr. Nathan ROOS and his wife Luise Weiss ROOS had passports that would
enable them to leave France by December 2, 1939, the expiration date.
They were German citizens forced to leave their home in Pforzheim,
Germany in February of that year.

We know that Nathan ROOS was interred at Athis near Flers in France
from October through the end of November, possibly early December. He
wrote to his wife asking her to get their passports and visas renewed
so that they were not stuck in France forever once the passports
expired on Dec. 2..

They sailed for the US on the ship DeGrasse >from LeHavre on December
23, arriving in New York January 8, 1940.

I don't know if they had French or German passports.

I would like to know how they could have gotten their passports
renewed. Where to find copies of them. Where to find copies of their
visas - which also expired before they left Europe.
Any assistance would be appreciated.

New York