German SIG #Germany JewishGenMall Has Portraits of Our Past: Jews of the German Countryside #germany

Sandra and Donald Hirschhorn <donsandyh@...>

Those of you who may have recently read Bill Gladstone's favorable review of
Emily C. Rose's book "Portraits of Our Past: Jews of the German
Countryside" in the Fall 2002 edition of "Avotaynu" will be pleased to learn
that the book is and has been on the JewishGenMall for quite some time.

It is now available at a special pre-Chanukah sale price of $19.95(It's
list price is $24.95.) Find the Mall at notice
our brand new front page and simply type in JPS022 (our code number) in the
"Title" location and you will get full details.

This price is only good through December 6th, so hurry and get your order in

Happy Chanukah!

Sandra and Donald Hirschhorn
Managers, JewishGenMall