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Dear Gersig,
I received this message. Can anyone help?
Dear Sirs!
from the internet and your homepage I know your efforts to find out
more about jewish families of Frankfurt/Main.

I am a writer and for a book about so called "Looted art" I am doing
some investigations in a certain case of a former jewish family of
Frankfurt. It's about Hugo Nathan and his family. Nathan was a
wealthy entrepreneur and was known for his famous art collection.
After the Nazis came up, he and his family fled and emigrated to
Switzerland, Zürich. That's all I know up to now.

Maybe you have heard of Hugo Nathan or you can give some advice where
I can get some specific information. I would be pleased if you could
give a brief answer to me. Thank you very much. Sincerely yours,

Markus Stötzel Huteweg 4, D-35096 Weimar (Lahn)
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