German SIG #Germany German/Polish Translation Required from ViewMate #germany

Tamar Amit <tamar.amit@...>

Hello SIG members,
I just came across these documents belonging to my Grandparents -
Joel and Fajga GEWIRCMAN and I am baffled by the fact that these are >from 1942 and
contain Nazi stamps.

What I knew >from them is that they continuously dodged transports by
use of fake documents portraying them as a Polish-Catholic family - Schepula.
I marked specially areas in RED to narrow down required translation.
If anyone can add information on this issue or document type - please do.

The documents can be found in ViewMate: - My
Grandmother's card - My
Grandfather's card

The following is supposedly a copy of their marriage certificate.
I would appreciate a word-for-word on this doc.

Please reply to me privately. Thanks in advance,

Tamar Amit Givatayim, ISRAEL <>