German SIG #Germany Thanks to Lars Menk on JewishGen Wall of Honor #germany


On behalf of all GerSIG members I've posted a "thank you" to Lars Menk in
Berlin for his generous help to many of us in the GerSIG Forum and also by
private E-mail.

You can read it at:

I'm sure that many other GerSIG members owe special thanks to people like
Mr. Menk who have helped them make breakthroughs in family research.

Anyone can create a "Thank You" message on the "Wall of Honor" with a
small donation to JewishGen. It's a win win - you provide recognition to people
who have gone out of their way to help you **** a n d **** you also say
"thanks" to GerSIG and JewishGen for their websites and all the email forums
like the one you are reading now.

You can post a "Thanks" or "Congratulations" or "In Memory of" notice
for all the world to see for about the same cost as a drive to your local
card shop to buy & mail a paper greeting card. And our way is more
friendly to the environment.

Remember - This will remain a free service only as long as
users support us with tax-deductable donations.

John Paul Lowens, Suburban NYC - Coordinator, GerSIG