German SIG #Germany Call for papers "Juden in Ostpreussen" (Jews in East Prussia) conference #germany

Dr. Ruth Leiserowitz

Call for papers - >from Breslau via Gdansk to Koenigsberg
Living environments and remembrance of Jews in Silesia, East and West Prussia
A seminar of the "Juden in Ostpreussen" (Jews in East Prussia) association.
Verein zur Geschichte und Kultur e.V. (Society for History and Culture),
in cooperation with the Academia Baltica. e.V. Berlin, European Academy
31 August - 2 September 2007

The remembrance of the Jews in Silesia, East and West Prussia both
in the large communities and in small places and of their suppression and
destruction by the National Socialist regime seemed to be virtually lost
during the Cold War. In Poland, Lithuania and the Kaliningrad area, on
the other hand, the Jewish history of the formerly German provinces was seen
as a part of the German tradition. This explains why the descendants of the
Jewish inhabitants of Silesia, East and West Prussia, who today live
scattered over the whole world, can find only little new literature on
this topic when they are searching for the traces of their forefathers. [snip]

[For more details on the subject matter of this meeting please request
same via private email - address below. MODERATOR]

We would like to ask all interested contemporary witnesses, project
leaders and academics of various disciplines within the area of Jewish history
who would like to take part in this conference with a talk to send a thesis
proposal paper or a project sketch (1 page) and a CV (1/2 page) in
German/English/Hebrew/Polish/Lithuanian/Russian by 15. January 2007
to the following address: (with pages in English too)

Dr. Ruth Leiserowitz