German SIG #Germany Re: deportation from Frankfurt without a trace #germany

Peter Bein <thinkbig@...>

My grandmother Marie BEIN was deported >from Leipzig, Germany to Poland in October
1938. She returned to her birthplace in Gorlice where she lived with some family
members until the Jews of the city were marched off to Belzec.

I have not seen a record of her deportation.

During the period 1939 through 1941 my father who was living in NYC corresponded
by letter with my grandmother in Poland. Image the Nazis delivering mail to the
Jews! Anyway, the mail service between the US and Poland/Germany seemed to end
after Pearl Harbor and war was declared on the Axis nations.

Peter Bein Atlanta

Renee Stern Steinig <rsteinig@...> wrote:

According to close family, my father's sister was
deported >from Frankfurt am Main c. June 1942, never to be
heard >from again. She is presumed to have perished but I
have been unable to locate any record of her deportation
and death. .............snip
- Do others have relatives whose deportations from
Germany are undocumented? It's silly, I suppose, to
believe that the Nazis, in their reputed thoroughness,
didn't miss names.