German SIG #Germany Seeking birth records for Gorlitz, Germany or information about BICK family #germany

Elizabeth Levy <levyliz@...>

Dear Friends,

I've got a new project and I need your help. I just started searching today
but, as usual, I'm hooked.

I'm trying to find information about a David Adolf BICK who was born in
Gorlitz (o should have an umlaut), more specifically, the names of his
parents and whether he had any siblings.
David was born Jewish, the son of the rabbi in Goerlitz at the time. (He was
born in 1845 in Gorlitz.) He married a non-Jewish woman, converted to
Christianity and was cut off >from his family.
(His granddaughter and her granddaughter are interested in finding out more
about their Jewish roots. It just so happens that this great great
granddaughter is dating my son so I am also interested in her Jewish roots!
I would love to find some distant cousin of hers living here in Israel!)

I have no further information about the parents' names or families.

My hope is to locate the birth records for Gorlitz, if possible, to find out
their names and perhaps any siblings. Does anyone have access to/copies of
these records by any wild chance?

Does anyone know is there is a source where I can find who was acting rabbi
in Gorlitz at the time? There is no longer any Jewish community there and I
haven't been successful on the Internet searches. I will write to the
"Rathaus" there too to see if they can help. Thanks for any help.

Hope you had a nice holiday - whatever it is you celebrate!

Elizabeth Levy Mevassaret Zion, Israel