German SIG #Germany Re: Strange address in Wuerzburg #germany

Tobias A. Kemper <kemper@...>

Vivian wrote:
I am not sure I expressed myself quite well. My father's address in
Wuerzburg was Sartoriusstr. 1/2, but there are other addresses in the database
like Sieboldstr. 3 1/2, so I am pretty sure that the meaning is "half".
today, in Germany the letters a, b, c ... are used for an address
between two others; f.e. ...-Straße 31a, 31b, 32, ...

Robert Winter thinks that there were buildings with two entrances and
this probably indicated which entrance it was. In some addresses it
is written "a.o." after the number. He thinks a.o. stands for' ab ovo'
- >from the very beginning or 'ausserordentlich' - exceptional.
In my opinion we can exclude the latin "ab ovo". And "außerordentlich"
doesn't make sense in my opinion.

I would suggest to contact the Stadtarchiv (local archives) of Würzburg
and ask them. They should know!

Regards Tobias A. Kemper, Alfter, Germany