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Our dear friend Johann Fleischmann of Muehlhausen died after long
illness Monday morning November 25. He was literally active until his
very last hour, and never lost hope.

"Dear Johann", was a friend to so many people all over the world,
He dedicated every free minute of his life during the recent 25 years to
research the Franconian Jewish history, and doing that he was most
important for our county.

He published 9 books called "Mesusa" concerning different topics,
all written with love and in a very personal style. They will be a
persistant memorial of this eminent researcher.

Honouring his merits, he was an Obermayer awardee of 2006 and bearer
of the Bundesverdienstkreuz. We will really miss him!

Christof Eberstadt, Erlangen cpa-eberstadt@...
Commissioner for the old Jewish Community of Erlangen
by appointment of the board of the Erlangen Jewish Community (JKG Erlangen)

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