German SIG #Germany Re: What can the acronym CHET-RESH in place of BET-RESH in a name mean? #germany

David Shapiro

On November 28th, 2013, Justin Levy asked:
Several of the names in an early 19th century tax list (Schutz- und
Silbergeldliste) for the community of Landsberg an der Warthe (now
Gorzow Wielkopolsk) have the Hebrew acronym chet-resh in place of
bet-resh (i.e. son of Mr.), for example, Yosef chet-resh Abraham,
instead of Yosef bet-resh Abraham.
The Chet stands for Chatan = son in law.
This is common, particularly when the father in law
is better known than the father, either because he is a prominent
citizen, or because the father lived in another town.

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