German SIG #Germany Re: What can the acronym CHET-RESH in place of BET-RESH in a name mean? #germany

Ury Link

Dear Genners,

The Hebrew Acronym, Chet -Reish is Chacham Rabi and it mean a Wise
man, (in German : Ein gelehrten Herr)
But it can also be a Chaver Rabi and then it mean a member of the
Jewish synagogue that have a function like a Chazan (cantor),
Gabai (treasurer ) or another function. The title Chaver you get after
years in the function and it is a respect full title.

But in this case I can not see any connection between the Acronym
Chet-Reish and the combination Son of Mr .

Perhaps you can send me a sample of this document and I try to find out
what it mean

Best regards Ury Link Amsterdam Holland uryl@...