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Roger Lustig

[Replying publicly too because it's a matter of general interest]

Dear Joel:

The Breslau civil vital records are a difficult matter. Many of them
exist, and some of those are on line. But the end of WW II was unkind to
the city, and the archives and registry offices lost many of the books.
The duplicate registers (2nd copies) were sent to Berlin and reside at
Standesamt 1. They, too, are fragmentary.

In the case of births >from the date you mention, the news is bad on the
one hand, indeterminate on the other. Registry Office I is missing the
relevant book in both the Wroclaw and Berlin collections. Berlin is
missing the book for those dates at II also, but has the books for III
and IV. Wroclaw II and III don't have 1903 on line yet, nd II are
missing the relevant book. Office IV does not have anything on line yet. has indexed much of the material in Wroclaw. offers handy links to the on-line stuff.
(Pull down the menu that says "Standesamt Breslau,etc.")

Standesamt 1 in Berlin has a published list of its holdings. Their web
site is: and offers contact info.

Roger Lustig Princeton, NJ USA research coordinator, GerSIG

On 11/9/2014 Joel Blankett jnblank@... wrote:
I am trying to locate a birth record for my mother's first cousin,
Ruth ENGEL. I have found a record in the Helsinki Jewish archives
indicating that Ruth was born in Breslau (Wroclaw) on September 29, 1903.
Her mother was Fanny FROMM, >from Berlin, who in 1910 married my
great-uncle, Abraham ENGEL, >from Helsinki, Finland.
from my web search I have understood that the Breslau (Jewish ? civil ?)
birth records for the relevant year (1903) indeed do exist but may not
(yet/?) be online.
Are there any possibilities of obtaining information >from these records ?