German SIG #Germany Kurt FRIDLAENDER, Melbourne - German Holocaust survivor & JewishGen volunteer #germany

Renate Rosenau <RenateRosenau@...>

The life of JewishGen volunteer Kurt FRIEDLAENDER is a German
Holocaust survivor story.

Born in Berlin 1924, he lost his father at the age of 6 and his mother only
five years later. He started an apprenticeship as printer at the former
Philo-Verlag Berlin and was to follow his sister and two brothers in
September 1939 to England, when this plan became impracticable.

Instead he was sent to forced labour, first near Berlin, then to
Auschwitz-Monowitz. He survived Auschwitz and the death march via
Gross-Rosen to Dachau, where he was liberated 70 years ago.

He met his wife Inge at a Munich dc-camp and managed to emigrate
to Australia, where he earned his living in trade.

Kurt became an active member and volunteer at the Jewish Holocaust Center
Melbourne and with JewishGen, where he is listed in 27 activities and
honoured as volunteer.

Our cousin KURT FRIEDLAENDER, North Caulfield/Melbourne/Australia,
passed away on May 1, 2015 in his 91st year, 70 years after his liberation
at Dachau concentration camp, beloved husband of Inge, father of Leo and
Charles, grandfather and ggfather, brother of Alan, and fondly remembered by
cousins in Australia, Germany, US, UK.
We had only traced each other in the 1990s - just one of so many family
stories - and had intensely enjoyed our relationship. He introduced me to
JewishGen in the 1990s. We do miss him.

Renate Rosenau, Alzey, Germany