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Hi All,

Two years ago Udo Bayer wrote a biography about Carl Laemmle titled
"Carl Laemmle und die Universal" with the ISBN of 978-3-8260-5120-3.
The book only comes in a German edition. Laemmle, born in Laupheim
near Ulm, came to the United States as a young man. He was the
founder and president of Universal Studios and had a flourishing
career in Hollywood including producing the film "All Quiet on the
Western Front" that won an Academy Award. More important was his
humanitarian work in which he sponsored and saved the lives of several
hundred people in the 1930s who were able to immigrate to America. He
also tried without success to persuade the anti-Semitic leadership of
the Department of State to increase the quotas and remove the
unconscionable barriers for refugees.

Now Udo Bayer has written a new companion book titled "Carl Laemmle:
Von Laupheim nach Hollywood - >from Laupheim to Hollywood" with the
ISBN of 978-3-95565-083-4. The publisher is Hentrich & Hentrich
Verlaf Berlin. It is a bilingual publication in which the commentary
appears both in German and English and includes many photos, letters,
Hollywood material, etc.

Fred Einstein metropolitan New York area