German SIG #Germany Re: Hey-Resh-Resh on Gravestones [Thanks and summary of findings] #germany

Ralph Baer

I want to thank everyone again who sent me replies to my question about a
week ago as to what Hey-Resh-Resh on a gravestone signifies. As expected I
received a lot of different answers, It does appear that, depending upon
context, the person may or may not have been a Rabbi. If he was not a Rabbi
then it signifies that he was a respected, learned, and pious person as
Corinna Woehrl wrote in a post here.

One thing which I did not include in my original post is that some confusion
can result because the English word Rabbi is translated as Rabbiner in
German, while the Jewish word Rebbe is often written as Rabbi in German.

I may post a picture of the gravestone on ViewMate. If so, I will mention
that here too.

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