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Thank you, Leslie. I have in fact met with that Yehoshua Baumoel's brother
(the biographer). All the facts fit perfectly (age, location, manner of
death, etc.) except that they were married to different people. The brother
recalls no other local Yehoshua Baumoels, I am hopeful, however that there
is some family connection, on the reasonable assumption that cousins of the
same generation frequently shared first names for a deceased common
grandfather or great-grandfather.

Thanks again. This really has been a tantalizing lead...

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Jeff Balabon asked :

I am searching for any info about Chaim LANGINGER, his oldest daughter,
Miriam and her husband - Yehoshua BAUMOEL. All killed in the Holocaust.

Also searching for information on the DISTENFELD family >from Sambor,

There was a Rabbi Yehoshua Baumel who was born in Buczaz, Galicia in 1913.
He perished in the Holocaust, Auschwitz I think. He was married to a Chana
Shapiro, d. of a Rabbi.

This Y.B. wrote a biography in Yiddish of Rabbi Meir Shapiro the founder of
the famous
Yeshivah in Lublin (building still standing) in the 1920s.

This work was translated into English and published ny Philip Feldheim in
It contains a forward by Y.B's brother, Rabbi Yosef Baumol in USA who may
well be still alive. The forward has biographical material and photographs
regarding the author.

Hope you find a connection

Leslie Reich , Manchester, England