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Mark Halpern

Further to Israel Pickholtz's response about further Rozdol records
becoming available for indexing by JRI-Poland. This response applies
to ALL Jewish administrative towns with records at the AGAD Archives
in Warsaw and also towns with records at other Polish State Archive
regional branches in Poland (e.g. Krakow, Przemysl, Rzeszow).

First, you can establish whether vital records for your town exist and
where they can be found at Miriam Weiner's Routes to Roots Foundation
website at To find out more
about vital records of Poland, read the JewishGen Infofile at
< >.

Vital Records registers with records that are 100 years old or less are
maintained by local civil records offices in Poland. Those records for
eastern Galicia are maintained at the civil records office in Warsaw.
Periodically (in the case of the Warsaw civil records office, every two
years), vital records registers that contain records that are ALL over
100 years old are transferred >from the civil records office to the
Polish State Archive regional branch. After the transfer, these records
are then available to JRI-Poland for indexing and ordering of the
underlying records.

The key point here is that ALL the entries in the register book MUST BE
over 100 years old to be transferred and then indexed. For large towns
like Lwow, Stanislawow, Kolomyja, and Tarnopol, register books usually
contain only one year of records. We expect (and hope) that 1904-05
vital records for these towns will be transferred to the AGAD Archives
sometime in 2006. For smaller towns, multiple years of records are
contained in the vital record registers and these books will not be
transferred until all the records are over 100 years old. For example
the following records were transferred in recent years and contained
many years of records.

Jagielnica 1896-1902 Births
Trembowla 1892-1903 Births
Borszczow 1877-1900 Marriages
Tartakow 1877-1903 Marriages
Skala 1893-1900 Deaths
Borszczow 1899-1902 Deaths

You can readily see that multiple years are transferred and this is most
prevalent when dealing with marriages, where examples show 25 years of
marriage records in one register book.

There is no way to estimate when new volumes for Rozdol or any town will
become available for indexing. When JRI-Poland is notified of a transfer
from the Warsaw USC to AGAD, we will announce the contents of this

Mark Halpern
JRI-Poland AGAD Archive Coordinator

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Rozdol records go through 1901. They get released in bunches so I
expected they would have been among the Forty or so towns that came
out last summer (2004), but I was disappointed. I expect they'll be in
the next batch, whenever that is.
Israel Pickholtz

QUESTION: Are there more birth records for the period after 1900 for
Rozdol? Are they accessible?

Alexandria, Virginia, USA