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Jacqueline Pollak <jacqueline.pollak@...>

Hello Genners,
There is a recurrent legend in my family. We could have an ancestor called
Treitler who was a famous opera singer in Austria.Or maybe he had a leading
role in the theater in Austria.
I found a Treitler vagabond troupe of yiddisch theater. Chaim Benjamin
Treitler, born in Stanislawow,his family and other actors;perfomed yiddish
theater, including opera singing, in Galicia, Bucarest, a little bit Vienna,
jewish communities of Central Europe and then in London and New-York. It was
in the last part of the ninetienth century and in the years 1900.
For my family, this doesn't sound as nice as a famous opera singer
(apparently non jewish) in Austria.
What do you think about ?
And would anybody know a Treitler who was a famous opera singer or actor of
theater in Vienna.
I would be grateful for every information or commentary
Jacqueline Pollak