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Catherine Gordon <catherine@...>

The KUTZCER side of my family is one I know nothing about and I
wonder if anyone knows anything of the name or the family. It isn't
a common one so this may help.

My great grandparents were Rosa and Isaac GELLER.

I have obtained their death certificates >from which I know which I
know that Isaac died in Manchester, UK in 1956 aged 84 and Rosa
died in 1952 aged 72. Incidentally Isaac was the shamash at the shul
and was killed by a car walking to shul on Yom Kippur (quite sad).

I know that my great grandmother Rosa, who came to the UK
(Manchester), had the maiden name KUTZCER as this appears on my
grandmother Clara's birth certificate and her siblings' birth
records (freebmd). It is believed that they came here together but
again I don't know if this is actually true.

Isaac (a cap maker) and Rosa GELLER had 10 children;

Henry - born ?1902 the oldest child
Myer - born ?1905
Wolfy - born ?1905
Sarah - born 1913 (mother's maiden name KUTZSER)
Gertrude born 1914 (mother's maiden name KUTCZER)
Clara (my grandmother), born 1916 (mother's maiden name KUTCZER)
Lily -
Saul David -
Arthur -

I have not been able to find any record of their marriage in the UK.

I have not been able to find any evidence of their arrival in the
UK and therefore I can't say when they arrived but I believe that
all or certainly most of the children were born here in the UK so
I would think that they probably arrived in 1903 or before.

To the best of our knowledge Isaac and Rosa came here without
parents or siblings and certainly no aunts or uncles were ever
talked about in the UK or visited and we have no info on their
siblings or where they went except rumours that the GELLERS were
rich and refused to leave their wealth despite offers to get them
out by the Red Cross.

Relatives said that the GELLERS and KUTZCERS came >from Galicia or
Austria but I don't know this to be fact at this point and have no
further information or anyone with factual information and would
like to go back further here.

Does this name appear in your tree or has it cropped up in your
research at any point?

I haven't found any solid leads on this side of the family. There
are similar names in the Pages of Testimony but there are too many
to be useful >from too many places until I find better information to
make it useful.

Thanks so much.

Catherine Gordon
Manchester UK

FINEMAN, and various spelling of the above