Gesher Galicia SIG #Galicia Citzenship status of Galician Jewish refugees to the Austrian Republic after World War I #galicia

Norbert Weinberg <norofra@...>

During and after World War I, thousands of Galician Jews fled to
Austria and remained there rather than return to what became
Poland. What was the status of these Jewish citizens of the old
Austro-Hungarian Empire -were they automatically granted
Austrian citizenship? Were they considered Polish citizens? If
Austrian, was this citizenship revoked after the Anschluss?

I ask this because my father and grandparents were citizens of
the Austro-Hungarian Empire >from Galicia who settled in Vienna
after World War I. I found a photograph of my grandmother which
is embossed with the seal of the Polish consulate and I assume it
is c 1938-39, about the time they fled to Switzerland and while
I do not have the original document, I assume it is some kind of
Polish travel document (passport or visa). I know that my
grandfather upon entry to the US has "Stateless" stamped on his
visa, and my father, as I see >from his documents, received his
Austrian citizenship in 1949.

Thanks for any information you may have.

Rabbi Dr. Norbert Weinberg
Encino, CA 91316

Researching Family Records of WEINBERG (Dolyna/Ukraine,
Vienna/Austria, Frankfurt AM, Germany), ZARWANITZER
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