Gesher Galicia SIG #Galicia Need a short Polish translation: what was her age at death? #galicia

Brooke Schreier Ganz <asparagirl@...>

A big congratulations to AGAD in Warsaw for starting to put their
internal microfilm images online, and to JRI-Poland for adding links
to those new AGAD images within their database results! For those of
us with ancestry >from Galicia, finally having access to the original
record books is a big help.

But the new ability to see the original images leads me to a problem:
how old was Reise (Rose) SCHREIER GROSS at the time of her death,
on July 24, 1890, in Nadworna (Nadvirna, Ukraine)? JRI's search
engine index says she was the daughter of Simon and Riwe SCHREIER
and was 78 years old when she died, which would put her birth at
around 1812. But >from other sources, I know that Simon was born
circa 1823 and died in 1903, so Reise's age of "78" in the index can't
be right, as he can't be younger than his own daughter. Either her
age of death is wrong in the index, or perhaps Simon and Riwe were
not meant to be listed as her parents, but as her siblings or cousins
or something?

Basically, I need someone who can read Polish to take a quick look at
this death certificate and figure out the puzzle. I have cut out just the
line that refers to Reise and blown it up to a larger size to better see
the handwriting. Here's the link:

Please make sure to his the "download" button in the top right corner
to get the full-size image downloaded to your desktop, not the little
hard-to-read on-screen image.

Thanks in advance for your help!

- Brooke Schreier Ganz
Los Angeles, California