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Dear Gesher Galicia members,

I am searching for information on my immediate family during the period
they lived in Chrzanow.

I have only limited information on my paternal grandparents, Mordechai
Markus Jakub RICHTER (b 1868 Chrzanow, d 1941 Danzig) and Brandle
nee SCHMEIDLER (b 1870, d 1929 Chrzanow).

They had 5 children:

David RICHTER (b 1896 Chrzanow, d 1964 Canada), violin player
Ester URBACH (nee RICHTER) (b 1897 Chrzanow, d 1943 Danzig)
Josef RICHTER (b 1908 Chrzanow, d 1985 Israel), violin player with his
6-person band and identical twin
Henry RICHTER (b 1908 Chrzanow, d 1998 USA), violin player in his
"Original Tanzer Jazz" band
Yehoshua Szyja-Mojzesz RICHTER (b 1910 Chrzanow, d 1984 Israel),
barber by trade, my father

The famous violinist, Julius RICHTER, was in some way related to the

Any information will be appreciated.

Thank you,

Dr. Bernard Richter