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Rachel Goldberg <rachel.goldberg100@...>

Dear Friends,

I am trying to collect information about the family of my grandfather
David GOLDBERG ahead of a visit to his town. He was born in Buczacz
(Buchach) on 22/1/1908 and lived there until 1935 when he moved to
Israel with his three siblings (Wolf/Zeev, Yechiel, and Rivka), and
parents (Aaron and Taube). Together with his two brothers and father,
the family had a carpentry in Buczacz, which >from what I understood
was pretty well known. They later opened their carpentry in Haifa,
Israel. Buczacz records seems to be pretty difficult to track, so any
information about their whereabouts would be appreciated.

My family and I are planning to visit Buczacz this summer and was
hoping to gather as much information as possible before our trip. I am
currently looking for (1) Any records that may indicate the exact
family address on Kolejowa street - this is my highest priority at the
moment (2) Any vital records of my grandfather, as well as his three
older siblings and their parents (3) Documents that could shed any
light on the family business in Buczacz.

from my research so far I understood that Buczacz records might be
available at the USC office in Warsaw. Here are my questions:

1) Could you recommend a local researcher who could search this
archive on my family's behalf before our arrival to Buczacz?

2) I have seen in a previous post in this group >from last March that
some Buczacz birth records were recently transferred >from the USC
to AGAD. Is it possible to search in this records collection, and will it
be available online in the near future?

3) Is it possible that some relevant documents will be available in
any local Ukraine archives? If so, could you recommend someone who
will be able to search them before our arrival?

The only document of my grandfather that I do have at the moment is
a school certificate >from Kleinmuenchen in Austria, where the family
stayed during WW1, and later went back to Buczacz.

Thank you for your help,

Rachel Goldberg
Tel Aviv, Israel