Gesher Galicia SIG #Galicia Was Interrupted Travel to the US from Poland Common? #galicia

Sheldon Rabin

I'm researching my great-grandmother Reisel (Perlmutter) Wiesen, born
1871 in Rozwadow (now Stalowa Wola) Poland. Because there is so little
info available on her, I found myself ranging into databases that I might
not typically access in the hope of finding something.

I found an entry for 1888 in the 1850-1934 Hamburg Passenger Lists for
a Reizel Perlmutter, (female) age 17, born about 1871 in Rozwadow, Galizien.
Reizel was traveling on the ship Lincoln that departed Hamburg on 1 May
1888 destined for New York City with a stop in Grimsby, England.
According to the manifest, the passengers were to connect with
Nordamerika via Liverpool. Reizel was traveling only with her 10-year-old
sister, Feige.

The problem here is that Reisel never visited the US, not in 1888 nor any
other time. There are no Ellis Island entries for any single female named
R. Perlmutter until 1900. And so, I was wondering if it was common for
emigrants to decide mid-trip not to continue on to the States but instead
to halt their voyage, in Reisel's case in England, and to return to their
country of origin at some later time?

We know that Reisel married Zvi Hirsh Wiesen in Rozwadow in the early
1890s and had four children including my grandmother Ettel Sara
Perlmutter Rebensaft born in 1894.

Am I interpreting Reisel's apparent travel itinerary correctly? And was her
apparent change of heart common among emigrants >from Poland and

Thank you.

Sheldon Rabin
Seneca Falls, New York