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Tomer Brunner

Dear H-siggers,
Thanks to all friend who generously answered my questions (and others)
about traveling to Hungary and around.
I summarized the answers under some topics and here it is for the use
of all.

1) SEASON: best to go is in the end of april and beginning of may.
Avoid may 1st in the big cities. also good are june and july.

2) LANGUAGE: English is understood mostly in the big Towns.
In the smaller places, besides the local one, German is essential!

3) CURRENCY: local currency is the most wanted.
One should bring also US $ but in the smaller places DM is
better than US $ !!!
Checks are usually not accepted (only in banks).
Some credit cards are accepted in the main cities.
Some friends suggested using ATM cards.

4) BORDER: There are usually no problems crossing between Hungary,
Slovakia, Czech rep., Austria and even Poland. (depends on your
Crossing to / >from Ukraine is more problematic and can commonly
take up to 3 hours!

5) CAR: Fuel is expensive so you might want to use the train when
traveling between the big cities.
Renting a driver with a car is better than driving
yourself although the road maps are usually good.

6) CEMETERIES: Do some "home work" before you leave you country.
fine the location and where the caretaker (who usually holds the
key to the locked cemetery) lives.
Its customary to give a 10$ (or more) fee to the caretaker (he
usually helps a lot).

7) LITERATURE: "LONELY PLANET" guides are very good.
The local written guides/maps/atlases are also very good and

8) ARCHIVES: in Slovakia for example its possible to do on-site
In Ukraine its possible but in many places there is no access
by the public (only by local experts).
Everywhere its a time consuming task (you order the documents
and sometimes can get them only on the next day).
Hiring a translator and taking him to the archive is
most advisable.

9) COSTS: (in the big cities)
KOSHER hotel: approx 50$ per night.
Kosher food : " 15$ " day.
A guide : up to 180$ or more per day.

10) SECURITY: Do not carry large amount of cash on yourself.
Do not travel to Ukraine alone.

11) TIPS: find a good travel agent and book air, hotel and car before
leaving you country. It will be cheaper in the long run.

11A) TIPS: The Chez David hotel in Bratislava is most recommended.
It has the only Kosher restaurant in Bratislava and is much
reasonable than the big hotels.

This list consists of many experiences and so might sometime
contradict itself or be not very accurate or up to date,
so more tips >from all of you experienced ones will be most useful.

Hope some others can use it,
Tomer Brunner, ISRAEL.
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