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I don't think this should be viewed as controversy. It is instead a =
of information of how Hungarian Laws changed over-time, the affect on =
ancestors names, and legal documents. I think a compilation of such
information overtime will help us all in our research.

Leslie Gyi nee FEIG

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I am sorry, but I did not mean to stir up any controversy. My father =
that he and my mother had to get the birth certificate and marriage=20
certificate for their parents and grandparents. Anyway, my parents were =

in 1906 and 1913, their parents were born between 1870 and 1888, and =
grandparents between 1833 and 1853. Because the registrations started =
1950, older records were difficult to obtain. After many years of =
have been able to find only a few out of the sixteen.

Attila R=F3na

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what is considered Hungarian Jewish family research, we should not stray
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