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In my husband's family, there is an aunt named Maria who was married to a
Laszlo Hajos, born March 1890 who died in Austrailia 12 July 1966. Any
connection? According to the story we have, his name was originally
Schipper or Schiffer. When the name change occurred, we have no idea. I
have failed to find their marriage records in the Budapest records through
the LDS, although I have looked at the marrige records for the 7th District
up through 1921.


At 02:26 PM 9/26/2003 EDT, wrote:
The Hungarian born Alfred Hajos, two times gold medal winner in the 1896
Athens Olympic swimm competition was born to Jakab Guttmann and Rosalia
Some of the American encyclopedias still list him under both the Guttmann
(Gutman?) as well as under the Hajos name. I don't know, when the name
occured, but it may have been in abt 1919?

Rosali Loewi (abt 1955 / 1910 ) and Jakab Guttmann (abt 1855 / 1891) had
four children (to my knowledge):

Alfred (Hajos) born in Budapest Hungary, Feb 1, 1878 / d. Nov 12, 1955
Nicholas Miklos

Anyone with some help in going either direction?

Leslie Eloed
California, USA