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georges <georges.graner@...>

Dear Genners,
Since I have not posted anything on H-Sig for a while, I thought it would
be a good idea to give you the list of names and places I am looking for.

GRANER (b. 1805 Rabadhidvég(Vas megye)) also Ko:rmend
SCHLESINGER (b 1802 Szered)(b.1807 Senitz(Nitra)) (b. 1832
KRAMER (b.1833 Abaujker)(b.Monok 1864)
GOTTDIENER or GOTDINER (Tiszalo:k, Tiszalucz, Kis Toronya)
FISCHEL (Paks (Tolna))
KRAUSZ (1808 Gyo:nk (Tolna))
GROSZ (Tiszalucz (Zemplen))
BLACK (Tiszalucz (Zemplen))
Does this ring a bell ?

Best wishes

Georges GRANER