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This database is great for researchers of individual family names.

However, I am interested in finding the names of an entire village, the
market town of Deutschkreutz. So far, I have not figured out how to search
for a locale.

Is there a way?

Thank you.
Maureen Tighe-Brown

Moderator: JewishGen's search engine allows searches on surnames, given names, or town names. Donors who contribute more than $100 to JewishGen operations participate in JewishGen's Value-Added Services program, which includes new Advanced Database Search Features that allow a combintion of multiple search criteria, using Boolean AND/OR searches. This allows more focused, targeted searches.
For example, you can search for all persons whose surname sounds like "Katz" and whose first name starts with "Abr". Or you can search for family groups containing a particular set of given names, within a particular town. You can also filter searches for data updated since a specific date. So if you've already searched a database, you can now search only for data recently added/updated, since a certain date, without re-viewing data that you've previously searched. JewishGen continues to offer basic search capabilities at no cost to users but is providing this feature as one way of saying thanks to those who provide financial support and help us pay the bills for all the programs and projects JewishGen offers as a public service.