Hungary SIG #Hungary Re: Farkasne and Farkas as given names #hungary

SFeuerstein <ethnoca@...>

Marian Brown <> wrote:

Dear Language experts,

Is it possible that Farkasne Turk is a way of
stating that this female
is the wife of Farkas Turk? Or would Farkasne be a
given name in its
own right?


Marian Brown
Cincinnati, OH

Although Farkas is the accepted Hungarian form of the
name Wolfgang, it is a relatively common family name.
It actually means wolf.

As for the name you have there, the suffix -ne
indicates married name, being a derivative of the French
_ne'e_, meaning _born_. It is a Hungarian custom for
people to use both their married and maiden names the
way it appears in your post. So in your case Farkasne
Turk means: Farkas, born Turk... her given name should
follow after that.

Sarah Feuerstein
Toronto, Canada