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Beth Long

Tracking those who survived can sometimes be a real challenge. One place I check is civil marriage records >from mid-1945 through the end of 1947. In some places (like Debrecen, for example), there are a surprising number of Jewish marriages during that period. Many of them are second marriages of those whose spouses died in the Holocaust, and it can give you clues about other surnames to look for.
Beth Long

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Many thanks to all the wonderful people who had responses regarding how to deal with "freezing" when
browsing Hungarian civil registration pages on the LDS site.  I've switched browsers, made adjustments to
cookies, and now I can breeze through the pages without shutting down after 9 pages.  Hopes this helps
anyone else experiencing the same problem.

On another note.......... is there any searchable resource that allows one to trace Hungarians since the War? 
I found some of my family listed as survivors in the Nevek Klarsfeld, but I don't know how to find what
happened next.  Some of the earlier birth and marriage records have comments at the end of the row about
conversion or death.  The Joint sometimes has emigration cards with a bit of info.  I've also used the Boros
Lajos burial record to try to connect to names.

I just wondered if there were available post-1945 city directories or emigration lists since the Revolution.

Thanks to everyone.

Michele Sankar
Ontario, Canada