JCR-UK SIG #UnitedKingdom INTRO - Documentation "Jewish physicians and dentists in Chemnitz 1933-1945" #unitedkingdom

Dr. Juergen Nitsche <JuNitsche@...>

I am involved in preparing of a documentation about the suffering of
"Jewish physicians and dentists in Saxony 1933-1945". I have to describe
the life and suffering of 100 men and women, lived in the district of
Chemnitz. I have finished the short biographies of the "medical heroes".
Now I want to find any further information about their life in exile,
espcially in UK..

Especially I am looking for data about :
- Dr. med. dent. Alfred TEBRICH, born 27.02.1885 in Doebeln (Sachsen).
He went with his wife Meta in August, 1938 to England
- Dr. med. Kurt BOAS, born 13.02.1890 in Berlin
He went about 1937/38 to England.
- Dr. med. Ewald SIMON, born 17.09.1891 in Neu-Gennin (Prov. Posen)
Her went about 1934 to Glasgow.
- Dr. med. Berta BACHRACH, born 13.10.1898 in Langenau (Prov. Hannover)
She went in July, 1938 to London.

These is the last information, I found in the archives of Chemnitz.

Thank you very much in advance!

The documentation will be published these year in Frankfurt (Main).

Juergen Nitsche, Chemnitz, Germany, JuNitsche@web.de -

TEBRICH, Doebeln, Berlin, Chemnitz, England
BOAS, Berlin, Crimimitschau, London
SIMON, Plauen, Leipzig, Glasgow
BACHRACH, Chemnitz, Frankfurt, London, Israel