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Aubrey Jacobus <zen28027@...>

Some stats regarding poverty in Amsterdam early 19th C
from Emacipation and Poverty: Ashkenazi Jews of Amsterdam 1796-1850
by Karina Sonnenberg-Stern. ( Macmillan 2000 )

This book is a unique source of information on this neglected area
Population 1816
Seph 2,573
Ash 22,143
Date 1846
Ash Jews receiving relief regularly or periodically - 15,000
out of total of 22,000 ie c 70% !!

Relief was only partly provided by the State the rest >from taxes
on the Jewish Community - so allowances were meagre
Compared with 1830's Amsterdam's 42,186 Catholics ( also a minority )
10,000 received relief regularly or periodically

in London 1850 only 25% received relief regularly or periodically

The JC published weekly figures for the number of meals served in
the Brune St soup kithchen per week.

Aubrey Jacobus