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Mark Michaels < > does have a toughie
here... given the age of the stone, the condition of the weathered lettering,
plus trying to render the letters without being able to write them out in
Hebrew.... but I will try to give some suggestions, based on what I could
make out clearly or on what the letters spelled out look like to me...

(1) Rachel died 12/3/1910

taf - resh chet lamed - bet taf - yud cuf vav tuf yud aleph lamed

Taf ~~ I think this Taf may be a MEM, and stand for
the honorific title of Marat (Mrs. or the lady)
resh chet lamed -- looks like the name Rahel or Rachel to me
bet taf ~~ bat (daughter of)
yud cuf vav tuf yud aleph lamed ~~ IF the "cuf" is a "Koof"
then this may be the Hebrew name Yekutiel

aleph lamed tet nun chet - chet nun vav daled - bet nun - yud cuf vav tuf
yud aleph lamed

aleph lamed tet nun chet ?? ???
This may actually be Alef Lamed Mem Nun Hay
Or "Almanah" the widow of
chet nun vav daled ~~ If the daled here is a chuf sofit (final chaf)
then this may be the Hebrew name Chanoch
bet nun ~ ben (son of)
yud cuf vav tuf yud aleph lamed ~~ again, IF the "cuf" is a "Koof"
then this may be the Hebrew name Yekutiel (Chronicles I,

nun pey tet resh hey - shin "cuf - vet - daled resh hey - aleph daled
resh - vet

nun pey tet resh hey ~~ niftara / passed away
shin "cuf - vet - ~~ may be a shorthand version of Shabbat Kodesh
(Holy Sababth)
daled resh hey ~~ acronym for D'Rosh Chodesh
(At the beginning of the month)
aleph daled resh - vet ~~ this looks like the Hebrew month of Adar
to me, which would be wrong as if she died Dec. 3, 1910,
the Hebrew date according to my 200 year calendar
would be Rosh Chodesh Kislev .(Dec 2 that year was a Friday,
and the 3rd was a Saturday, so the rest of the line works.
The letters should probably be Chuf Samech Lamed -Vav

tet resh ayin - lamed pey cuf

tet resh ayin -- this is the Hebrew for the year, 5671
(there's an alef missing for the one)
lamed pey cuf -- {I'm beginning to think your chuf is my Koof...}
this is an acronym for the Hebrew expression L'frat Katan,
according to the minor count which indicates that the "5000"
part of the year was left out since there are no Hebrew letters
which have a numerical value in the thousands.

(2) Henry 20/10/1895

vav - chet nun vav daled - vet nun - yud cuf vav tuf yud aleph lamed

vav ~~ the Vav here may be part of a weathered Resh with a stroke
if so, then the Resh stands for the honorific "Reb" or Mr.
chet nun vav daled ~~ again, I think the Daled is is a weathered remmnant
of what could be a final Chaf, and this is probably
the Hebrew name Chanoch, which works with the English Henry
vet nun~~ ben (son of)
yud cuf vav tuf yud aleph lamed ~~ again, IF the "cuf" is a "Koof"
then this may be the Hebrew name Yekutiel

vet pey tet resh - indecipherable
vet pey tet resh~~ Niftar / passed away
indecipherable ~~ obviously, I can't read what you can't read!!
but! the Hebrew date that corresponds to Oct. 10, 1895
according to ITIM would be Tishrei 22, 5656.

chet vav nun vet - lamed tet fey
chet vav nun vet ~~ based on the style of wording of the matzevot,
this should be the year, and since the letters are
I think these letters may actually be Tav-Resh-Nun-Vav
or the 656 section and
lamed tet fey ~ is, once again, probably a weathered away version of
the acronym, l'frat katan, to indicate that the year was really

Hope this helps!!
Judith Shulamith Langer-Surnamer Caplan
Long Beach, NY

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