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Dear Tavi,

I am posting my answer to the Jewishgen too, in case other researchers are
interested by this information.

I don't have any Marton WEISZ in my family records but the name PORGESZ
appears a 3rd level of relationship. Here is all I know about them:

Cella WEISZ, b ca 1892 in Ermihalyfalva (present Valea lui Mihai), Romania,
d 1944 who was my 1st sousin 2 times removed married Ignac SZEKELLY, b
1885, d 1944. Their daughter was Eva SZEKELLY b. 1922, d 1944. She married
Laci PORGESZ, b 1919, d.1944. They had a daughter Julia PORGESZ, b 1943,
d 1944

I met the name Marton WEISZ several times in different books:

-1. Marton WEISZ who was a baker in Oradea before 1900 who had 6 children.
One of them was Jozsef WEISZ, a very talented violinist, b. 6 March 1899
("Nagyv=E1radi zsidosag t=F6rt=E9nete - by Leitner Zoltan). I have only copies of some pages >from this book. The copy containing info about Jozsef WEISZ is not complete.

- Dr Marton WEISZ , who became on 24 December 1905 the director of the
Jewish hospital in Oradea ("Varadi zsidok" - by T. Mozes)

- Around 1924 it is mentioned a firm "LEDERER and Marton WEISZ Qua=E9" in
the ceramic ware industry ("Varadi zsidok by T. Mozes)

Susanna Vendel, Stockholm

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Dear Susanna,
My name is Tavi Weisz and I am also searching for some details regarind my
ancestors.All I know is that my great-grandfather's name was Marton Weisz
,my great-grandmother's Gizella Weisz (formerly Porgesz)and that one of
their daughters-my grandmother,Anna Weisz was born in Salonta in 1912.
My e-mail address till August 23 rd is : jy-abcd@... or
After August 23rd my address is : taviweisz@... or
murenau@... .
Hope to hear >from you.