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Consider a man who married and had two daughters and a son. The
wife and both daughters were murdered during a Pogrom. The son

The man marries again and has another son. The relationship between
the two sons would be that of half brothers. What would be the
relationship between the second son and the murdered daughters?
Since they died prior to the birth of the second son, would they
also be half sisters to the second son? What would the murdered
first wife of the father be to the second son? Would she be a
step-mother even if she perished before the birth of the second son?

The second son WOULD HAVE been a half-brother to the two murded daughters
from his father's first marriage. Death nor divorce would change this.
The first wife, however, would have been NOTHING to him. Had she not
died, he may never have married again and had this second son. Even if he
did, whether legitimately after a divorce, or illegitimately, there still
would be NO relation, blood or legal, between the first wife and the second

And there you have it :)

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