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D.J. Einbinder <donjein@...>

I can't believe how many responses I received to the problem I posted
just a few days ago! I want to thank all the Genners out there for
their help and advice to a fairly new researcher. Your Generosity in
giving of your time and knowledge is remarkable and greatly appreciated.
This time I went back to the FHC and ordered the films necessary to find
what I need.

Maybe someone can help with this one:
On my grandfather's naturalization papers he lists the five children
born in Russia before he arrived in 1903, and the sixth born in
Brooklyn, NY in 1905. However, when I looked in the Brooklyn city
directory for 1905 there was no listing for the family. I know that the
birth dates he gave for the children are questionable. For instance, my
father's birthdate was off by 10 days. Is it possible that my aunt's
birth year and place were incorrect as well? I guess I know the answer
to that one - sure, it's possible.

What now?

Don Einbinder