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Children in Williamsburgh would have also attended Eastern District High
School which I believe is now defunct. You could contact the Board of

Tilden is not far >from Brownsville either.

Debra Rosenberg
Westfield, NJ

Gertrude Singer Ogushwitz wrote:

Michele Pomerantz < > wrote:
<< Am trying to find the names of synagogues and High Schools that existed
in the Brownsville section, Crown Heights and Williamsburg sections of
Brooklyn, NY during the period approx. between 1900 to 1940's. >>

It was common in the 1930's and 1940's for students to travel by bus or
city transit (the "el" or subway) to schools far >from home, yet within city
limits. It seems to me that students who lived in the Brownsville section
of Brooklyn, (commonly pronounced "Bronze-ville" by our immigrant
mishpokhe,) might have attended any of these high schools and more:

John Adams HS, 103rd Street and Rockaway Boulevard, Ozone Park (opened 1932)
Franklin K. Lane
Richmond Hill HS