JewishGen Discussion Group #JewishGen Name Opinion: GELENOFSKY/GALENAVSKY in Mir #general

Stephen Mednick <smednick@...>

I have in my possession a 1908 statutory declaration signed in London that
provides my Grandmother's date of birth as September 15 1894, gives her name
as GELENOFSKY and states that she was born in "Mere in Russia".

I've figured out that "Mere in Russia" is more than likely the town of Mir
which is about 88km SW of MINSK, but the name GELENOFSKY doesn't quite ring
true and I think it's more an anglicised version of the original name. I
searched JGFF and came across the name GALENAVSKY which was the closest name
I could find.

Can anyone offer an opinion on what the original name might have been? Also,
for the town of Mir, what Gubernyia would it have been part of? The book
"Where Once We Walked" has Mir in the country of Byelorussia.

Thanks in advance for any help.

Stephen Mednick
Sydney, Australia

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