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First I want to thank all of you lovely folks who responded to my
request. There were so many responses, that I can't possibly reply to
you all individually. So let me say here and now, Thank You All So
Very Much!

Here's what I learned >from everyone:

Yes, then and now, it is common practice to bury these babies in a
section all their own. Frequently, these burials are in a "special"
part of the cemetery designated specifically for the burial of
infants. Apparently it is a "good move" for the business of burials,
because the interred bodies are so small that they can fit more of
them in a smaller area. I know it sounds crass to even mention such
things, but cemeteries are, after all, businesses.

Sometimes, named babies can and will be buried in family plots. If
the family has their own plot, this is not unusual, assuming that
there is room in the plot.

Sometimes, if the family belonged to a burial society, the baby might
be buried with the family and not with the other babies.

It would appear that most cemeteries had/have such specialized area.
There is not always a marker where the babies are buried, and IF there
is a specific and separate burial entry in the cemetery's ledgers, it
is not necessarily a required thing. City, county, and state laws
apparently vary, making the specifics of such entries vary. If a
burial permit was needed for a baby, there has to be a record. If
not, you likely won't find any paperwork. Cemeteries, like other
businesses don't like unnecessary paperwork. Sad but true.

Hope that that helps those of you who wanted to know what I've
learned. I know that several detailed replies to my post were also
sent to the list in general. Put that information plus this
information together, and you probably have the general answers you

Good Luck to you all,
Ricki Zunk
Kendall, FL

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