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Hi Genners
I was lucky enough to go to Israel recently and meet my new found ZAWADZKI
family. One of them Nathan ZAWADZKI asked me to try and find the BM or D
certificates so that he will be able to claim monies and lands in
Switzerland and Poland. The names are
Moshe ZAWADZKI >from Crepitz Poland about 1890s
Rochel Baylo GOLDBERG near Katowitz
Berish GOLDBERG Bendin Poland
This town is about 30 K south of Czeztochowa all near Katowice Poland.
I have tried looking up the usual places on Jewishgen.
I have lots of trouble with the Goldberg name. It tells me to be more
specific because there is 4000 Goldberg listings. Can I some how get into
these listings and how do I do that?
Thank you all for your help
esther goldberg