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LindaJim Morzillo <jmorzil1@...>

Through the deep generosity of a person who recently visited Rostov-on-Don,
I was able to receive databases and other items copied >from the official
records. As many of us have discovered in our research, often more
questions are created than answered.

My maternal grandfather, whose family moved to Rostov-on-Don >from near Kiev
in 1881 (according to records), used February 12, 1882 as his official
birthdate on his SS-5 application and Naturalization papers. >from his
marriage record and ages at the births of his children, it could be 1880,
1882, 1884, etc. I take exact dates with a grain of salt because of the
differing calendars and other discrepancies, but I would appreciate input
from other genners using the following information:
List of Jewish families published 1897, data >from 1895-1896, lists Shleyma,
age 14. That would place his birth about 1882, but he was buried in 1901!!
Since grandpa deserted the Russian Army, could they have staged his burial
to avoid trouble with the authorities?

Birth records show a son was born to this family 6/28/1882 named Avraam,
not Shleyma. Furthermore, the generous researcher believes Shleyma is
usually translated as Solomon, not Samuel. Were they trying to confuse the
authorities using different names in anticipation of the army draft?
Another son, Isay, was born 7/10/1884 and there are no further records on
Isay. Is there a link between the name Isay and Samuel/Shmuel?

The last important information is on two tombstones, grandpa is Shmuel, son
of Abram, (my mother and her siblings may not have known his father's name
was Israel, but grandpa may have disowned his father, that's another story).
My uncle, on his tombstone, father's name is Shmuel Abram.

What do people think?

Linda Morzillo
Saratoga Springs, NY


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