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Ida & Joseph Schwarcz <idayosef@...>

Since your name is Cohen may we assume that you are a kohen? If so, in most
Jewish cemeteries in Israel kohanim are buried near a path where their male
relatives, also kohanim, may pass by, since kohanim are not allowed to walk
in cemeteries proper. My son is a kohen and his father was buried two weeks
ago at the very edge of a section in the cemetery overlooking a path where
he can come to pray.
Ida Selavan Schwarcz
Arad, Israel

Stan Cohen <> wrote:

I would like to thank the four individuals who took the time to offer me
advice on my questions concerning interment on Jewish Cemeteries. I
conclude that there is no Jewish law regarding where the first burial is
located in a new row and the individual Society or Cemetery owner decides
this (n'est-ce pas???)