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David Frey <dfrey@...>

from the volume of written reaction I have received I must assume
that I did not make myself clear in my last letter.

I meant to make clear that truth demands that all children be
included. That includes adopted children , illegitimate children and
birth parents, where they are known.

I did not mean to exclude the birth parents if they are known. The
truth about an adoptive child (like me)is that he has two sets of
parents. And a good program like Reunion can cater for that.

When I found my own birth parents at the age of 40, I included them,
and my half brothers, nieces, grandparents, etc.

I'm sorry if you misunderstood my intent. But a truthful family tree
gives all the facts that are known including adoption, illegitimacy
and many more different situations. If other considerations are
allowed to enter in, then the value of the tree as a piece of
research is diminished.

David Frey

Researching: Beshincovichi, (GILDINSOHN,, STEINHART)
K'lemnick,(Rabbi Avram Israel GILDINSOHN, GILDEN)
Dryhobitch (FREY), and
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