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I am trying to find out how the following person would be related to
my maternal Des Moines KRAMER and ROGOVOI family: According to the
California Death Index Helen KRAMER ROGOVOI (whose mother's maiden name was
FINKLEBERG) was born in Iowa on 10/23/1907 and died in Orange County,
California on 1/19/1996.
An elderly Des Moines KRAMER relative, who was a friend of Helen's,
tells me that Helen was not related to "our" KRAMERs.- and as far as I
know there are no FINKLEBERGS to whom I am related- but there a deceased
paternal Des Moines relative married a Joe ROGOVOI (also deceased). Joe
had relatives named Kitty, Sam and Harry so I'm hoping someone can
connect the unusual ROGOVOI surname to Helen.

Stacy Harris