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Dawn Harris <dawnmharris@...>

A big thanks to all who responded to my question to finding out how to
discover whether these Jewish last names in my genealogy are truly >from
Jews. I'm sorry that I didn't think to list them. When the Jewish names in
question begin to include goyish surnames, began in the early 1900's. Most
of my family immigrated >from Prussia and Germany between 1880's and 1910's.
I have only stories I remember my great-grandparents telling me of
disillusionment, anger, and burning documents and pictures so they could
start a new life. I have horror stories of family who couldn't leave,
starving and finally letters suddenly stop arriving. One of my closest
grandmother's, before marriage, worked for a Jewish baker and the only
curious book she had was "How To Be A Yiddish Momma" (Or the likes). Then
of course an unquenchable desire to understand and learn Jewish ways.
But all that doesn't answer the names. I have only so many because of burnt
documents. They are: my surname, Lowitz, Strumpf, Hirsh, Schimkat, Berkner,
and there are some others, but I'm not sure if they are of Jewish origin.