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Linda <altmanlh@...>

On Thu, 24 Oct 2002, "Unterspan" wrote:
... How do I get further than this, I don't have living relatives who can tell
me what his name was before he called himself Barnet (Barnie) and added the
c to the surname.


Diane Unterspan
I did a lookup on the SSDI list located at <>
searching only the name BOTWINICK and came up with 105 hits. Using the
surname BOTWINIK there were 52 hits. I did not see anything with a given
name of Barnet(Barnett) or Barnie (Barney). There were several who died
in 1962. Keep in mind that handwritten Barnett or Barnet can look a lot
like Bennett or Bennet. It can also be mistaken as Bernard or Barnard.
Barney or Barnie can be mistaken for Benny or Bennie, which can then be
misinterpreted to mean that his name was Benjamin. My g. grandfather's
name was also Barnet, his name has appeard in records using all of the
above deviations as well as Bonish (a New York City clerk's
interpretation). His original given name was Bentzion. There is also
another Bentzion in my family. He went by the given name of David.

Have you tried finding a phone book for 1961 for Glen Cove? He may be
listed there. Also, look for probate or a will for him. Did he own a home
or land in Glen Cove? Check with the town or county office for deed and
land records. The best way to find out about him is to go >from the last
record created to the first. Trace him backwards >from his death to his
birth. You have his death certificate. Now, look for burial and cemetary
records. Then probate and wills, land and deeds, tax records, voter
records, marriage records, birth records of his children and their
marriage records and census records. He has to be out there somewhere.

I hope that this helps you.

Linda Altman - Raleigh, NC
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