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Hallo dear people on Jewish Gen.

I remember playing Pisha Paysha with my father in Dublin, Ireland, where i
grew up. I thought that it was a card game exclusive to us! It was only
when I read Jewishgen today that I realised it was a recognised card game.
Re MENDOZA the Boxer, I have a fair amount of literature on him >from a
manuscript given to our family by the author. If Robert and Ena Jacobs
want to contact me directly, I can fish out the article. I think Mendoza
might have spent a bit of time in Ireland, and was of Sephardi orgins.

Anne Lapedus Brest (ex Dublin, Ireland, Sandton South Africa
researching LAPEDUS (Vieksniai, Lithuania), KAHN (Vieksniai, Lithuania)
KARLIN (Zagera, Lithuania) MARCUS (Ackmene, Lithuania) KLAPMAN (Ackmene,
Lithuania) , ORKIN (Zagera, Lithuania) ORKIN ( Yaneshik/Yoniskis)
Lithuania, MIRRELSON (Kourland, Latvia and Kurshan, Lithuania) S(C)
HILLMAN (Kreutzburg/Krustpils, Latvia) BREST (Bauska, Latvia) NOVGOROD
(Yaneshik/Joniskis , Alte Zagera, Lithuania) CHEIN (Unknown) CHAVKIN