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Glenda Rubin <glendarubin@...>

At 07/31/2003 12:23 AM, esnyder wrote:

I would like to visit my grandmother's grave in this cemetery. Does
anyone know if there is a map of the cemetary? I can probably find out
from a relative the gravesite number but have been told that the graves
aren't arranged in order. Any help appreciated.

Esther Snyder

My family is also buried at United Hebrew.

It would seem they have a computerized database as I've called the
cemetery and the staff was able to give me specific grave locations of
several relatives. Because there are duplicate names, knowing the
approximate date of birth or death would be helpful. One caveat: I knew
the name of the landsmanschaften in whose section the relatives were
buried. I don't know if this was relevant.

Glenda Rubin
San Francisco Bay Area